Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Budos Band

If you were looking for something to have in the background during your top secret ninja training sessions, look no further. The Budos Band are instrumental afrobeat funk, down and dirty and sounding straight out of the 70's. Unlike Fela Kuti and many bands inspired by him, Budos Band keeps their ill shit simple and to the point. Not much dilly dallying here, no 18 minute epics. Just succinct 3-4 minute tracks with a nasty rhythm section, tight horns and style to spare.

The Budos Band - Black Venom by a pagan place

These guys have been around. They played on Amy Winehouses debut album, the one she put out before she went all Charlie Sheen and starting snorting that tiger blood; they back up various bands for the label they are on, Daptone, including the wonderful Sharon Jones; and they have a side project with some horns from other bands on Daptone and together call themselves the Menahan Street Band. All sick stuff.

Heres a nice relaxed Menahan Street Band track for ya.

Budos Band I

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