Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time Out to Touch Myself

Hey, so something our anonymous readers might not know about the folks writing on this blog is that we all happen to be musicians, and at one point we were all playing in the same half-assed math rock group. Or whatever it was. These days were all still creating in our own little ways, and since I was rummaging through some old tracks, I figured I'd share some things.

Chikai MIrai by Carved in Clouds

This was an early little beat-making experiment done in Garageband, before I moved on to working with Reason. Garageband has/had a surprisingly decent sound library.

Ain't Afraid by Carved in Clouds

This is song by a good friend of Ninko and myself that I recorded a couple summers ago. We had a lot of fine trying to bite some Television vibes, sweating in a tiny little room cutting vocal tracks with some cold beer. Fully recorded in under 4 hours.

Before The Verdict (Halfpint Remix) by Carved in Clouds

A remix I did following some guidelines from a Stones Throw contest that I never submitted to. It's a bit sludgy because I wanted it to sound like it was playing from a shitty tape cassette and you were drunk as fuck.

Dribble castle by Carved in Clouds

This is a track by my good friend by the title of Tudy Udis (2D OODIS). I found it in an e-mail saying it was for an animation about a Ninja, or a Thai girl, or a flower during sunset. His e-mails were always really cryptic, so it's for one of those things. He was a MAX/MSP dude.

Geophysical Nosebleed by Carved in Clouds

Was supposed to be an interlude for whatever wanted it.

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  1. post-rock with a penchant for well intentioned fake-jazz is how I always felt about it:)