Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Advantage

Does nostalgia taint our view of everything? Is nintendo music only good because we grew up playing the games in our youth? By extension is The Advantage (a nintendo cover band) a good group if youve never heard these songs? Yes, No and No. There are many groups who do this same shtick HOWEVER it is in the song choice and musicianship that place them at the top of the heap. Instead of the same tired Zelda or Mario renditions you get Marble Madness, Batman, Festers Quest, Ducktails ect. Lesser known titles with kick-ass soundtracks. It is in this that you realize that they have a true love for the games they play. Also it helps when youve got Spencer Seim of Hella on drums, Carson Mcwhirter and Robby Moncrieff (two major players in the math scene.) they know there way around the guitar.

Underwear so Big! (tour only ep)


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  1. As with a lot of things I love, I really think it's the production and drumming that sets these guys far far far apart from likeminded bands like Minibosses, etc....

    They not only sound like a live band jamming out to to their favorite videogames, Seim is actually busting his ass to groove on these tracks.