Sunday, May 15, 2011

13 Assassins

Metaghost recently asked me to venture into boston with him to execute the awesome plan of eating a big bowl of pho noodle soup and checking the newest film by Takashi Miike, 13 Assassins. I had no idea that dude had made an epic samurai movie to rival the likes of any of Akira Kurosawas best work, but holy shit Miike was not messing around. This is straightforward samurai storytelling: an evil, murder-loving man is soon to be placed in high political standing in feudal japan, and a counselor who knows that Japan is in trouble if evil gains power secretly enlists the help of a retired samurai (warriors who had become obsolete in the current state of things) to gather a team of fellow samurai and assassinate this evil man while he is journeying home to the capitol city.

The film wastes no time; they show you deeply how evil this motherfucker is, and how strongly the samurai feel that risking their lives to wipe him off the planet serves the better good of the nation (and also how badass these dudes are.. so much awesome swordplay). The last 50 minutes are a battle taking place in a town they have boobytrapped in the most ultimate samurai death town kind of way, with so many tricks up their sleeves and sooo much awesome set design. It is epic, it is bloody, and it is classic. The end of this trailer says its available "March 25th on demand everywhere"... which i have not investigated, but I highly recommend that you do. Plenty of Swords abound.

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