Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - 1992

This is a short entry, another hip hop outfit i want to share on recommendation from my man Mike G from Chicago. As i said before, we got to talking hiphop and he told me about all kinds of great stuff to hear stemming from the conversation we had concerning my deep love of The Pharcyde and my ignorance of the more important, creative, and greatly distinguished classic hiphop; the groups that were pushing the art form to a high point in its evolution after many names flourished through its original foundation.

Pete Rock and CL Smooth are a duo, both working in production and lyrical/ rhyme aspects. They debuted in the early 1990s and were highly regarded as an influential sound of the time, a breath of fresh air into a deeper direction, where the mainstream hiphop of the time was mostly party and good-time oriented. The key difference in the evolutionary hiphop of the early 90s from the mainstream was that it integrated classic jazz and funk instrumental samples into the flow of the rhymes and the beats backing them; horns, sick 3 part female vocal harmonies, tight bass, and always great keyboard samples. These elements provided a window to the past, to jazz and its birth, and how a tight rhythm can lead to all kinds of improvisation, from saxophone samples out of the 50s jazz scene to the rhymes and freestyles of so many MCs starting in the 80s (unless you count sugar hill gang)

And oh what a video i found for you; how perfect. Its a performance from Pete and Smooth on mothafuckin' In Living Color, playing Straighten it Out off 1992s Mecca and the Soul Brother. Awesome:

Another classic album from Mike G. Thanks man.

mecca and the soul brother

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