Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Main Source- Breaking Atoms- 1991

While away on my incredible hiatus, i found myself in the parking lot of some conservation land, waiting for the rain to subside and the sun to finally make another appearance so we could resume filming for the Fire Pit. We were straight chilling, just killing time, and a group of the film crew decided to take a leave and head off to the Red Roof Inn to get some serious business done on the ceramic titanic, the ill toilet bowl action. Some of the actors were chilling in the car that decided to take off for the non-woodland facilities, and i invited them to chill in my car in the rain. Mike G and Keith popped in my ride, Keith hitting the back seat for some quick shut eye, and Mike G chilling shotgun. The two of us started talking hiphop, once again spurred from my love of Bizarre Ride and Madlib. Dude knows his shit; he has a serious background in loving all kinds of music, but has a large chunk of his heart dedicated to the art of rhyming and beatsmithery.

This is a dedication, and a recommendation through osmosis, from the library of Mike G. I whipped out my nerd phone for his list of recommendations, such as Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Gangstar, Kool and the Gang, and the chill as fuck Main Source; I went to newbury comics to pick up the new Fleet Foxes (which is fucking great.. review to come), and while i was there i picked up the greatest hits of Kool and the Gang 1969-1976, and also gangstars 2nd album Step into the Arena. Tonight, i grabbed Main Sources first album, Breaking Atoms.

This sick 3 piece was very drum, turntable/ loop, and rhyme based, keeping things loop-centered and minimal, but with a tight rhythmic sound to accompany the nice flows of the vocals. The one single i can find on video is kind of silly; its a slick track about being sick of your girl and thinking about leaving. Its funny because of how straight forward it is; there are no metaphors whatsoever, no hiding anything dude is talking about. Hope he was single when he wrote it.

The album is a classic, a high water mark of a new style of deeper hiphop. thanks mike g.

breaking atoms

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