Monday, May 9, 2011

metaghostin' vol V - Deadly Duos

Deadly Duos - 34'26"
What's better than rapping by yourself?

Rapping with your best friend, of course.

1. "The Science of the Two" - Edan (w/Insight) / Beauty & the Beat / 2005

EDAAAANNNNNNNN! Obviously it's his prerogative, but I really wish Edan would release some new rap material instead of the occasional mixtape blender thing. His beats are too dreamy. (Swoon)

2. "Bring it On" - Organized Konfusion / Stress: The Extinction Agenda / 1994

I wonder if it was sad to be Prince Po, an undeniable force on the mic, yet still getting upstaged on every track by Pharoahe Monch. Pharoahe's verse is probably about as vicious as an emcee ever got, going so far as to point out that he buttfucks other emcees. He also molds brains like pottery, apparently.

3. "What a N---- Know?" - KMD / Black Bastards / 1994

MF Doom in his earlier incarnation as Zevlov X still rapped hella drunk. I feel like if I keep typing "rapped", I'm eventually gonna type "raped".

4. "RE:DEFinition" - Black Star / Black Star / 1997

Mighty Mos and Talib Kweli, back before they were dudes whose albums you didn't care about.

5. "Wheelz of Steel" - Outkast / ATliens / 1996

Outkast got the best basslines in hip-hop.

6. "Survival of the Fittest" - Mobb Deep / The Infamous / 1995

I can't really listen to this album because I find it too damn depressing, but it's got an abundance of hot trackz. I wanted to pick a Big Noyd track, but then it wouldn't be much of a "Deadly Duo" thing, would it?

7. "Off (with) Their Heads (Be Prompt)" - Latyrx / The Album / 1997

Probably the least well-known group on here, being late 90's West Coast rap that didn't really fit the mold of any of the big names at the time and being way more chilled out than the East Coast underground of the era. Kinda funky, kinda stoned out.

8. "Lower da Boom" - The Artifacts / Between a Rock and a Hard Place / 1994

Every rap album needs a weed jam! So authentic.

9. "Scream Phoenix" - Cannibal Ox / Cold Vein / 2001

They made one LP and it's so good.

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