Sunday, May 8, 2011

Owls - Owls

So the time line is as such. In keeping with my loose theme of Victor Villarreal related projects we are brought to Owls. This venture occured after his work with Ghosts and Vodka and features the original full line up of Cap. N Jazz members (minus Davey Von Bohlen). As we have Tim Kinsella in control of vocals and lyrics you know to expect crazy cryptic lines and semi out of tune warbling....its an acquired taste to be sure.  What is sure is the fact that instrumentally these guys are on point tearing into these songs. Like some sort of emo angular math lounge music its not really as odd as it sounds. Fun point of reference also is Ryan Rapsys from Noyes was also the Owls second drummer. Wasn't aware of that myself till just recently.


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