Monday, May 9, 2011

Silver Jews - American Water (1998)

Silver Jews are realistically a vehicle for the poetic musings of Dave Berman. Is it country? well.... Is it indie rock?...ugh pop? Its really a few things but never fully commits to any one of them.  Now I know what you might be thinking.

"Indie country, like wilco? you've got to be kidding me"

The short answer is no by the way. Berman's baritone touched life musings are at times devastatingly honest while often being wildly quirky in the same breath, some pretty great stuff. It also helps a lot to have a friend around that knows how to work a memorable guitar line and rip shit, a guy by the name of Steve Malkmus. You might have heard of him. The founder of possibly one of (arguably) the most influential indie bands of all time, Pavement.  Its funny actually but Steve's work with Silver Jews actually predates Pavement, not a super widely known fact. If Steve's inclusion doesn't peak your interest then please take it from me its worth your time. There are quite a few releases actually but I believe this to be his strongest. N JOY.

American Water

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  1. Yeah this is good. I thought that it sounded like Stephen Malkmus. Some of Steve's solo stuff sounds really similar to this. Then I re-read this blog post and found out I was right! Hooray!