Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Colossal - Welcome the Problems (2004)

This is one of those albums that helped push a lot of what we have today in the "emo" math rock area. I mean no disrespect either when I use that tag. Sadly it was over used in the past to the point of having either no meaning at all or being derogatory.   These five from Illinois play a music indebted to post-rock, pop-punk, pop and math rock. Their influences take different roles on different songs making them a highly versatile group. Without their song structures however they would be not even half as good. Instrumentation runs fairly technical without ever getting too showy.  The appearance of brass on a few songs makes perfect sense as well. Vocals are actually used when necessary and by no means a central figure. I love this album because there is always something new I find that I like. Not that its dense but that it offers a lot. If your not familiar and enjoy breathing and people playing music I'd say your best bet would be have a gander.

Welcome the Problems (2004)

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