Thursday, June 9, 2011


Japandi (of San Diego) reminds me very much of their over sea's Japanese math brethren.

(WARNING mass generalization)
I mean that they are hyper tight but might not pull on the creativity strings to hard.

As far as a counterpart here I'd say they remind me of Sleeping People. Their first release plays it very safe. They use really nice melodies and keep the angular chords to a complete minimal, no tap tap here folks.  While it may not sound too exciting, stick with them and you will come to love them.  They just dropped their second release and I've got to say my opinion has changed more than I thought possible.

Decorative Duck makes damn sure you wait for the moments that they are going to come together and give you what you want. It takes more joy in the rhythmic side of things and plays all the better for it. More aggressive and angular but in a completely tasty way. I may be critical of them but its only because I really do love them. I know you will too.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery

Decorative Duck

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