Monday, June 27, 2011

Drummers - Self-Titled (2011)

With a name like "Drummers," you might expect a sound with more than one drummer, guitarists who play their instruments percussively, or some jaw-dropping stick work. Although none of this is evident on Drummers' debut LP, it is a pretty solid post-hardcore/post-punk/screamo/whateverthekidsarecallingitthesedays effort. Guitars jangle, crunch, and drive throughout, punctuated by rich screamo vocals. The production has an interesting gritty quality that works pretty well stylistically. Drummers are at their best playing catchy, rhythmically interesting music. Some of the deeper cuts are clunkers, but some uninspired chugging and failed experiments are to be expected with any fledgling band's debut. Looking forward to more from these guys.

Drummers' self-titled debut is available to download for free at their Bandcamp.

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