Sunday, June 26, 2011

Enablers - Blown Realms and Stalled Explosions

Now this is a real treat in my opinion. You don't see nearly enough dark math rock like this these days. So if your familiar with the OG's such as June of 44, Slint, Rodan, Shipping News then you can certainly start getting a head on what these gents sound like. But instead of recycled riffs you are served with a heaping portion of dark and strange chords thats cut at an angle just for you. If it ended with just the music I would be A-Ok with that. Thankfully we have Pete Simonelli on vox to complete this incredible package. Pete lays down the spoken word blitzkrieg, slinking through the labyrinthine guitar lines and actually producing some truly great poetry from what I was able to suss out.  May not be for everyone (If you dont like it your the suck) but its a great update on a style laid down years ago.


Blown Realms and Stalled Explosions