Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gotye- Making Mirrors 2011

I give thanks to the folks in Happy Body Slow Brain for turning me onto this Australian multi-instrumentalist known as Gotye. They posted a link promoting his 3rd release, 2011s Making Mirrors, and after reading into it a bit I found the first single, Somebody That I Used to Know; the artistry and lovely melodic building that shows in the track had me hooked immediately. He's got a killer Peter Gabriel impression going on in that chorus, and the neat rhythm section and acoustics work really well with minimal electronica and nice vocal layers. Ive listened to it about 6 times since i first heard it; thats my first hint at being onto something that I will love, when i cannot get enough of it until it i have integrated it into being a part myself.

making mirrors


  1. Peter Gabriel all up IN this bitch.

    Though he kinda sounds more like Sting on that chorus.

  2. What a fine chorus in this song! I listened 4X in a row. I'll be hummin' this in the am... no doubt. Thanks!

  3. yeah, i really dig this track a lot, but im a bit disappointed in parts of the rest of the album. there are a few tight tracks, like Eyes Wide Open and Save Me, but some of it just aint doing it. ive been digging the Kimbra album much more.

  4. what´s the password please?