Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mew- No More Stories..(etc) 2009

i found this Danish trio a year or two ago while rocking some Pandora, and had to stop everything to check into what the hell it was i was hearing. although they are studio fiends and im not sure if they have a bigger band for live shows, No More Stories is a tight rock/pop album with great hooks. it goes many interesting places with a distinct, purposeful layout of songs, some rocking the fuck out with a huge sound, while others will be nicely composed minimal tracks with just piano and vocals. they start things off with a proper bang, after an intro track, with their single Introducing Palace Players, and a few tracks later comes Repeaterbeater, below. a bit artsy fartsy vid but aww yeah.

no more stories..


  1. fuck yea! mew is the whale's tits

  2. yeah they are; besides this and Glass Handed Kites, i am completely unfamiliar with their earlier work, though these last two albums are both fucking tight.

  3. I've never thought about it before, but whales do have tits, huh?

    I don't really remember my biology.