Friday, December 23, 2011

Ninetails - Ghost Ride the Whip

Ninetails hails from England and play an interesting blend of rock music's.  Love the name by the way. We get a small idea of what these guys are bringing to the table with this three song EP.  Post rock, indie rock, indie pop, math rock yet pretty vocal driven as well. Structurally these songs are interestingly arranged and its nice to be kept on your toes a bit where each song is going to turn to. HOWEVER some kind of synthesizing would be appreciated as I can see a full length of this sort of strategy getting a bit flim flammy. For a short player it's nice to see a group spreading its feathers and I certainly look forward to more.

Ghost-ride-the-whip bandcamp


  1. Their music doesn't have personality at all, at least they are young enough to fix this issue!

  2. please elaborate mr. supplies.