Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Velvet Teen - No Star & Cum Laude

The Velvet Teen are an alt indie group with some rocking gutairs. Most interesting and delighting to me is their drummer Casey (one of my favorites) also drums for The America's
(click the link to time travel)

This group is something of a shape shifter and can sound pretty radically different depending on where you catch them. The No Star EP is a pretty guitar heavy album which is why its one of my fav's.  Also of note is their album Cum Laude which is just straight awesome sauce and has some nasty keyboardage. It's a must have so please Seek and Destroy

Cum Laude

No Star


  1. These guys are from my home town <3 Truly amazing. Dont forget to listen to elysium

  2. Not really feeling Cum Laude just because of the production aesthetic with the vocal distortion on every track. Checked out the first few tracks of Elysium though, and that's awesome stuff.

  3. cum laude grows on yah (hopefully), the vocals are done through a megaaphone btw. Plus casey shreds the gnar gnar on building a whale

  4. Cum Laude is sweet! I personally love the megaphone effect.