Friday, March 9, 2012

Chairlift- Something (2012)

Thanks to Abigail for reminding me about these guys. Chairlift are an electro-pop trio-turned- duo that made it big with that darn Bruises song off their first album, Does You Inspire You. I never checked out that album, and was only vaguely aware of them because of that iPod commercial. Then, in January I read a glowing review for their follow-up album, Something, and gave a few songs of theirs a listen, and almost immediately, I forgot about them.

My pal Abigail recently brought them back to my attention yesterday, and I was very happy to quickly rediscover a neat band I almost let slip through my mind-cracks. Lovely vocals reign supreme and sit on top of some interesting synths and guitars that provide nice pop song structures; chill catchiness ensues. Their video for Evident Utensil from their debut is awesomely trippy (definitely check it); Amanamonesia was the first single off Something and the video is awesomely weird; Sidewalk Safari is track one. Its just awesome:

does you inspire you

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  1. (wishing the girl would stop singing and keep playing the keyboard)