Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Samuel Jackson Five - The Samuel Jackson Five (2012)

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Our Norway Post-Rockers finally return after 2008's stunning Goodbye Melody Mountain. Always Samuel Jackson Five one up's themselves with each release and continually stands ahead of the pack.  This time around we find them more willing to branch out and even to add vocals to a few of the songs (as much they had hinted at before the release)  The standard's are there for sure gorgeous lead lines, technical songwriting (without using the p-word...prog) and interesting juxtaposition of instruments. It does seem that the jazz elements of past have taken a bit of a back seat to my dismay. However the quality of the songs are not effected by this. Is this the best SJ5 release? ehhh i wouldn't be so sure to say and honestly each one before has always taken a bit to sink in for me. Know this though that there isn't a person out there that shouldn't give it a crack. There really are so many things to love about these guys.

Samuel Jackson Five (2012)

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