Friday, June 22, 2012

Living Room - Dream Journal (2012)

So a little bird informed me of the fact that along with Mouth to Mouth to Mouth a band by the name of "Living Room" embarked with them on a weekend of shows. These guys are from Brooklyn and actually dont share a large amount of similiarities with their mini tour mates (not that they have to) but its in the ways that they do that make these guys pretty interesting and exciting. Dream Journal is a nice tidy collection of alt-emo with all the heart felt singing a guy could ask for. What I typically sign up for in a musical act however is the instrumentation and Living Room doesn't disappoint. Nice varied dueling guitars, some healthy stops and stops, and interesting drums keep them from being placed in the "same same" pile. I could very easily see this sort of energetic rock being transferred to a very incredible live show.  

ps: Apologies Scott for referring to you as a "little bird" :)

Dream Journal (2012)

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