Monday, June 25, 2012

Lady Ninja Triple Threat

Ready yourselves for three albums by well-respected lady singer/ songwriters coming at your ear holes. Though this post is a little late for the release dates, it had to be done. I was very excited about the first two of these albums, and the third I do not know very well but have read some great reviews:

First off, Beach House. Aw yeah. I love both of the two previous albums that came before their 2012 release; Devotions low fi sounds showcased the duo of keyboard/ singer and guitarist making due with what they had, then getting popular and releasing a well-polished follow up with Teen Dream, adding members to their band to get rid of the programmed drums etc and fleshing out their sounds. Their new release, Bloom, just builds upon what they added on Teen Dream, not branching out much further aurally but tightening up their gorgeous dream pop. Victoria Legrand has one hell of a voice, and the guitar work that Alex Scally does compliments her melodies wonderfully. Check their new single, Lazuli:

Second, Regina Spektor. If you have a musical heart that digs pop music that can sometimes be cutesy and hilarious but is always deeply rooted in great piano work and wonderful melodies, this lady will be your new friend. She is well known for tracks like Fidelity, Samson and Hotel Song. You will probably be familiar with at least one of those three tracks, and if they tickle your fancy, give her new single, Don't Leave Me, a shot.

Third, Fiona Apple. She hopped on the bandwagon for this post; Metaghost had to remind me that she was the lady responsible for Criminal, as the only song of hers I could recall myself was the title track of her previous album, 2005's Extraordinary Machine. But, I have read a bunch of great reviews of her new album, and the comparisons to Kate Bush had me intrigued. As I don't know her catalogue at all, I don't have much to say besides that it is very lushly composed with great instrumentation and vocal performances. Interesting stuff, but I ain't hearing no Hounds of Love or Suspended in Gaffa on it yet. The single from The Idler Wheel is track one, Every Single Night. Do enjoy, fellow swordslingers.

beach house- bloom

regina spektor- what we saw from the cheap seats

fiona apple- the idler wheel

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