Friday, April 5, 2013

Monsters of the Antipodes - Houses (2012)

A Progressive math rock group from Baltimore with some pretty inspired riffage. Lots of complexity here for those who crave yet a mature sense of restraint and pacing that lends itself to post-rock style and structure.

Let me say that Mr. Greg Lewis must be a busy and talented man because this is the THIRD project by him that I have been highly impressed with. The first being his atmospheric prog lite rock group as previously talked about ( dedleaves ) Certainly not to take away from the other players but the guitar playing is on center stage here. Stripped away of a lot of the pedal flim flam of dedleaves and a focus on rhythms.

This was actually a fairly recent submission but I had already been enjoying for a couple weeks. Also a little sad that I missed this in 2012.

the root and the basilisk is Greg's solo acoustic based venture and also should be given proper up's as an incredible release of progressive solo work. So please check all three because I can promise you will not be sorry



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