Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Astrochasm - EP

If you've ever listened to or been to see a Math Rock band in Sacramento then you probably have heard about Astrochasm. This small California trio only has three tracks currently released in there discography, one which is an intro into another song. And although it is true if you search hard enough you can find more of their songs in the archives of Youtube,  they're nothing that is official or as well mixed as whats on their Bandcamp.

What I love about Astrochasm is how refreshing it is to hear a girl singer in a Math Rock band, and a good one at that. Their songs are chock-full of catchy riffs, this really shines through in "...Just Dreams." Although the guitar work is nothing really innovative and has a kind I've heard this before sound. They seemed to be a lot more laid back then what I'm use to listening to so I find it hard to get into.Not to mention due the fact that they don't have a bassist a lot of their songs end up sounding empty. This isn't remedied by the fact that Yvette Young, (the lead singer) doesn't have a deep underlying tone to her voice that makes up for the lack of bass.

My advice to Astrochasm would be to either find a bassist or use that second guitar to make their songs sound a bit fuller. All in all I'm very interested into seeing how Astrochasm will develop their sound further and will be keeping a very close eye on them.

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