Friday, May 31, 2013

Tommy Boys - Demo

Look familiar?

Well it should. I briefly covered these cats back in January when they only had one song to speak of. I do think that they deserve a much deeper look as it is painfully obvious that these guys once something official gets dropped.....its going to be good times for all. The chops are there as well as the killer song writing. In need of a well placed and tight math rock turn? theres about 70 in every song. Forced? no not at all everything sounds fluid like a river and the riffs are pretty catchy as well. If your going to reach into the comparison's basket then you could say a more energetic and twisty Ghosts and Vodka with more of a punky vibe running through. For those that don't know Ghosts and Vodka, I suggest going to drink some vodka. Sound's like a damn fine combo if I've ever heard. They do now have a song with vocals and its just as excellent as the instrumental stuff. I need a bat signal or a beeper specifically for when new stuff by these guys comes out. I need it that badly.