Sunday, July 28, 2013

atrabillions - demo (2013)

Whoosh badoosh forgive my absence, I have been in the middle of some very heavy family medical stuff.  I am here to present you guys with a band that I actually just stumbled on not too long ago but have already very much been enjoying. atrabillions are an instrumental jazz prog-math three piece from Sydney Australia. What immediately caught my ears were the piano that finishes the drum and guitar triad....yep no bass. Which is fine and isn't lacking as the piano seems to at times fill that roll other times not.  The surprising bit is this is just a three song demo for these cats and they already sound like incredibly polished works. If you peak their influences its actually a farily decent smashing of these groups. Take a more structural driven "Tangled Thoughts of Leaving" a side of  "Mouse on the Keys" and a sprinkling of guitar business from Tera Melos..not much but just a smidge for flavor. It should be said that these guys are flying their own plane and that everyone here should get a great big kick out of this. Looking forward to hearing more.

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