Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mouse On The Keys

Piano Driven Jazz Math

As Metaghost will certainly attest to, Mouse on the Keys is some seriously amazing stuff. I cant think of another progressive jazz group that employs math elements that is really this fun and knows how to man handle a groove. The drummer for this group needs to give lessons to some of the other math rock groups, possibly start some sort of out reach program. I'm shamefully unfamiliar with these guys former group "Nine Days Wonder" but I'd be willing to bet its pretty straight amazing as well. Thank you Japan once again for sending us auditory delights.

an anxious object   (Track 2, Spectres Des Mouse, has possibly the single tightest drum lick of your life)


  1. Let's not forget how ill their music video aesthetic is.

    Dudes be playing piano in gasmasks.

  2. ive been driving around to this shit for the last few days, it is such great driving music.