Monday, July 4, 2011

Classic Summer Album Alert

This post is one solely for that feeling you used to get in high school, about the first week of june, when all of your classes were wrapping up and the finish line to summer was fast approaching and all you had on the horizon for the next 10 weeks was maybe a part time summer job, driving around to all kinds of places in your parents car with your newly acquired license, long days and late breakfasts, maybe a family vacation... the freedom and excitement you felt about having no one prescribe what you needed to be learning and discovering things for yourself, with all the best company.

For me, the discovery of one of the first entire album that i FUCKING loved, front to back, came sophomore year of high school, right when school was ending. I do not remember who showed it to me, though i have a strange feeling that it was actually my guitar teacher, an old man named Frank who exclusively taught guitar to teenage boys, and because of this strange niche of people he wanted to please, his sense of what teenage boys wanted to hear and play was dead on. We started on blink 182, green day, korn, and would end up progressing through metallica and finally, as i stuck with him for years and years, i matured a bit and he got me into classical and bluegrass fingerstyles and a bit of jazz. somewhere in between all of this, he had me practice my bar chord arpeggiating and soloing skills with a song called Santeria by a band i wasnt really familiar with. I picked up Sublimes self titled, and fell in love with it immediately, as most of the world already had.

If Sublime is news to you, holy shit. Get this now and put it in your discman with your crappy headphones and go lay in the sun on a beach with a bag of chips and some mountain dew, put on some sunscreen and put it on repeat and then just close your eyes. Or pop it in the cd player of your dads buick and roll down all the windows and the sun roof and just drive around for a few hours with your best friends. You'll know all the words soon enough.


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