Monday, July 4, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow...

Before i get too far into this recollection of the last few weeks, possibly month, of my life and the resulting neglect of the Swords, I want to post up this list (with linked Swords articles in the artist name that include DL sources, and youtube vids for the tracks) which i feel are my top 5 songs for the start of the summer, a summation of my favorite snippits of albums i have dug deeply since this Swords bizness came up. And the list:

1.Wallpaper- Gettin' Drip
2.Organ Beats- Sleep When We Are Dead
(Also: their cover of Heaven is a Place on Earth)
3.The Pharcyde- Soul Flower
4.Ra Ra Riot- Shadowcasting (nice live acoustic version here)
5.Toe- Kodoku No Hatsumei

As a runner up who i have yet to post about, Sam Cookes Wonderful World deserves some recognition, not only because of his nostalgic and timeless perfect pop sound, but also because its use in Animal House makes such a great soundtrack for my favorite John Belushi scene.

I have been spending a lot of time being a man around my parents house lately; my father recently had some surgery, which he is recovering from so very quickly and I am so glad for that, but because of his new, temporary weakness, this slowing-down that the world has thrown at him, I have been picking up the man-slack for the household, keeping with the tasks of which physical labor is necessary and learning a lot about just how damn busy my dad likes to keep himself.

He has been getting better, but i havent been listening to as much music. I see the post reminders but they just seem to pass me by as i make brief glances through my email or facebook. I am sorry for my absence, and i hope it doesnt not continue; as for that matter, im going to wrap this one up to write this next post real quick.

p.s.: my mother drew that house up at the top of the post in about 3 hours today; we couldnt go to cape cod for our annual family 4th of july celebration this year because of my fathers recovery, and she missed the cape, so she kicked out this painting from a picture of a house she loves on the beach we always visit. soo talented. reminds me of Miyazaki.

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