Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Invalids - Eunoia (2012)

Let the math pour over you in the name of the fa.....Oh! Hi how's everyone doing? I was actually just dropping in to post about Invalids (Pete Davis on everything except Nick Shaw on bass) because well its flipping amazing.This is Math Rock, something we never speak about at the Swords but hear me out. The unique part of this whole one man bandish group is that you can tell it is the vision of one person. Meaning that you can up the time bending quotient by about 1200. This is tech as a tiger if your wondering in every manner of instrument. Guitars are known to get a bit tap happy while the drums are jazzing the junk out with the bass. Vocals actually make a prominent spot here too. Think a kind of emo style but not super annoying. Thankfully nothing ever feels like any one element is competing for space which with music like this youd imagine there could be issue.  For an EP and a side project your going to be hard pressed to find something better so far this 2012.

Lastly let me close by saying:



  1. Hey man, thanks for the kind words! I just wanted to clarify that the songs up on the Bandcamp right now are actually demos for the full-length album that's going to be released on January 31st.

    I really appreciate your support; I've stumbled across a few blogs that have mentioned Invalids and it's a really awesome feeling.

    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for stopping through and letting us know what's up, Pete!

      I think all of us at Swords are thoroughly enjoying these demos (which sound great), and you can surely anticipate some cash-dollars from me in your future.

  2. man this album is the fucking shit. dude is a complete legend