Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valerian Swings - A Sailor Lost Around the Earth (2011)

Sometimes you know instantly when a band is going to fill you with sweet joy.  From the opening few seconds of "Dr. Pengle is There" from Valerian Swings 2011 release, there was no doubt that entered my head that this would be anything less than stunning. The excellently named group are from Italy and you can expect a lot from them over the course of "A Sailor Lost Around the Earth". While a lot of other bands wear their genre's on their sleeves this trio make it a bit trickier. A group with an equal love of progressive rock, psychedelic rock, jazz,  metal, post-rock, and mathcore.  Blend on high.  Throughout the album you just wont care what your hearing because its always so well crafted. Vocals occasionally make a nice appearence as well. This is just an album that begs you to sit down and soak up because it's just that incredible. Wonderful song structures as well that always flow from one great idea to another. Driving to soft and Hard hitting to calm, never missing a beat or your interest.

A Sailor Lost Around the Earth (2011)


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