Sunday, January 15, 2012

Please Join us on the Facebook!

Listen, I wanted to interrupt the normal flow of the blog to urge everyone reading to click below and follow us on the old Facebook:

Plenty of Swords

Why? well its an equal opportunity for everyone to post video's, talk about how much we dont/do like "insert band name", band suggestions, ect. This creates a looser and more fun environment where extra content and sharing come into play.

Also because it wouldn't be fair to have everyone read my 30 seconds of promoting (its for you own good) I have also included a link below in the comments to an extra awesome album.

You can thank me later and thank you for reading.



    Cinemechanica - EP 1

    In my personal opinion the best release from one of my favorite math rock groups.

    1. Is the jam piece with Braintarp?

      I love that song, whatever it's called. About as much as Bionic Commando loves killing Mecha-Hitler.

  2. braintrap is off of martial arts (previously posted)

    this has the awesomely titled "I Punch Over Trees"

    Love the grappling mechanic in that game