Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cloud Nothings - "Attack on Memory" (2012)

Before this album, I didn't get the buzz behind Cloud Nothings. They consisted of a young dude with a laptop kicking out the occasional catchy song with stretches of grating, immature material in between.

And then "Attack on Memory" happened.

And how it happened. This album is a ripper.

After two releases as a solo artist, Original Dude recruited more dudes to join his band, and after some extensive touring, hired Steve Albini Dude to record them.

Whatever happened to this band on the road did them wonders. Subtle but edgy and propulsive instrumentals occasionally boil over into pure frenzy, while Original Dude's impassioned emo-y vocals soar over the whole mix. Most bands I listen to seem to have an amateur steering the vocals/lyrics/songwtiting ship, so it is an absolute treat that Cloud Nothings have packaged interesting instrumentals with a frontman achieving at high levels.

I tried to find a stream of the album somewhere, but instead I found a link to download:

Cloud Nothings - "Attack on Memory"