Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Russian Circles- Enter (2006)

I met a new friend tonight, and once Don Cab was mentioned in our conversation we went math on each others asses. I showed him some Stage Kids and Mister Metaphor, and he in turn told me to check a bunch of bands.. handsome boy modeling school, pelican, isis, and above all Russian Circles. I know nothing of them, and though I have seen them referenced here at the Swords, I have never checked a review of any of their albums. I know they are a trio; that is it. Listening in a second; track one off their first album, Enter:



  1. They actually have been mentioned on the swords...:) several times i believe. Dakota/Dakota while not in the same genre realm as russian circles share members and in my opinion the better over all choice. A LOT of people enjoy them...i get it. Do they do this type of hybrid post metal rock better than other bands? no. Are they more technical or skilled at songwriting than others? no. Early stuff...ehhh ok pretty decent. This last album however I am constantly confounded why people have been hailing it as a good album. Seriously slow builds to nothing.

  2. I'm still trying to figure out how Handsome Boy Modeling School fits into any of this.