Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gifts from Enola - S/T (2010)

These guys tend to run in the same circles as a lot of really boring post-rock bands. At first, I lumped them in with some of the worst offenders. However, they actually have some pretty interesting guitar work and nifty rhythms. I wish their songs were 4-5 minutes long instead of 6-10, but I suppose that comes with the territory.

My favorite thing of theirs is their 2010 self titled EP (5 songs, 35 minutes). It loses a little steam during the fourth song. Production is a little heavy-handed in trying to make them sound HUGE, but overall good. These issues aside, a lot of the is really good. I heard a snippet of the first song, "Lionized," during an NFL game one time. So at least they have a good agent!

They have some older and newer material. Quality ranges from good to boring, but I haven't really listened to their other stuff too closely.

Check it on their Bandcamp, and if you like it, mediafire links abound.

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