Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Arc and Sender - S/T (2005)

Arc and Sender play dark, contemplative, math rock that heaves through atmospheric passages punctuated by huge riffs.  The format of drums, bass, and baritone guitar is accompanied on a few tracks by violin and saxophone for extra spiciness.  The compositions are sprawling.  I usually prefer the songwriting to be a little tighter, but in this case everything is so heavy that too many changes might sound strange.

This band is relatively unknown, at least as far as I can tell.  They started off as a studio project, released an album, played a few shows, then faded from existence.  For such a short band lifetime, the quality of the product is excellent.  We were super lucky to play with them at a DIY joint in Baltimore in 2008.  They slayed.  I believe that this was their final show. 

Check out "WWJLD" (What Would Jesus Lizard Do) on their Myspace, then download their self-titled debut album here:

Arc and Sender - S/T (2005) 


  1. YES DAN! choice find man. really caught me on the jaw. I dont normally chisel on such sludgy math but this is some really thoughtful stuff. the slower passages even are impressive. great extra instrumentation to.