Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fight Cloud - In Augment

Creepy Cloud man guys. I suppose I would not want to fight him though.

Suuuuupah tight Math Rocks right here ladies and gents. These Virginia-born cloud-fighters just released their first album and its incredibly solid. The music itself is a very indie rock style of math and they do an incredible job of playing both sides of the fence. By this I mean the chill parts and the amped up portions are just as great as the other. Nice twists jump out as well to keep you on your toes but the true magic is something a lot of other bands seem to miss the mark with:


Just some damn gorgeous melodies and harmonies here and it just makes everything all the sweeter. Even without the singing this band would be flowing aces.  Songs follow a pretty traditional rock form but this just gets strengthened by the vocals all the more.




  1. I'm pretty sure the album is just called "In Augment". At least, that's what the art would suggest.

    No need to get dyslexic with it.

  2. Hey its Mitch from Fight Cloud (not Fight Club btw, we get it all the time its cool haha) However, thanks so much for the post! We really appreciate the kind words.
    Take care.

  3. Thanks Mitch for dropping by! Is it true the first rule of Fight Cloud is you do not talk about Fight Cloud?