Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hit Home - Happily Ever ... (2013)

New (ish) Boston three piece Hit Home are a double dragon of combined forces. Van Gogh Sky member Mateo Garcia and Civil member Angelo Gambatesa along with drummer Corey Best. Sorry Corey, I'm unsure what other group(s) you may be from. If your an avid Sword fellower I did write up Civil last year (wink wink nudge) I like that this certainly splits the difference between those two groups. High energy yet able to switch to some slow emotional stuff. Its also worth mentioning there are some really quality instrumental arrangements going down. Kinda a bit of an emo vibe as well? but certainly math rock focused. Wish this was LONGER but alas an EP is an EP and for now we must be happy with what we are given. Great stuff stuff going on, check it. 

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