Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hikes - Friends (2013)

Last time on the Swords....

My last words were based on my reaction to their song "Shepherds Clock" which I had some pretty strong feelings about :) Now we are have a full length to fully grasp what this Texas group is laying down.

What I enjoy about these guys (and gal) is that there is an incredibly honest mashing of folk/folk rock and math. To my own bias however I feel they do their best work when the math is out in force....and unfortunately thats not very often. But the great news is without the overt tapping and awesome drums this functions as a gorgeous folk rock record. The low points though are realistically minor because this is a very enjoyable first outing for these guys. "Trophy Lives" is another incredibly well balanced track just like the aforementioned song. Its incredibly admirable to see a band doing something left of center and succeeding at a high level.  Everyone is going to really take a liking to this and its a damn crime that more people aren't trumpeting their praises.


ps its free guys so really there's no excuses ;)


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  1. An album truly deserving of the "gorgeous" tag.