Monday, March 25, 2013

The Season Standard - Caudle Cameo


Forgive me on this as we are working a bit backwards but I was unaware that this german prog math group had a demo before my previously posted full length.

In my opinion this is a much more raw take on the group and is certainly the more impressive choice. Make sure to check my impressions of their full length above as well.

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  1. After listening to this for a couple days, I've decided that it's kinda like an alternate-universe take on The Fall of Troy's style of "mathcore" or whatever the fuck they get classified as.

    The emphasis is much less on the guitar theatrics that I think is/was a great part of TFT's appeal and more on a greater sense of instrumental interplay. The vox have a very limited range, but are nonetheless appealing, and the drummer puts on an impressive show of doing that pseudo-drum&bass kinda thing that I associate with Deantoni Parks.