Monday, April 29, 2013

Blastronaut - EP I: We Were Once Cro​-​Magnon (2013)

Something must be going on in the water up north because we are seeing a huge influx of Canadian groups these days. Me likey. 

Any who this is a Toronto group that play a nice alternative bent instrumental math rock. Side elements are what set these guys apart however. There is this almost 90's sounding noise/metal element in the guitar aesthetic but on the whole there is a lot of interesting noodling for your brain to wrap around. The group description lists "improv" and I suppose in more of a live setting that would be more evident. If they mean theres some guitar solo's....hell yea theres a couple crammed in their and that certainly doesn't slow things down at all. The drums are always a "make it break it" affair for me so it comes as no shock within the first 12 seconds that everything is A-OK. They are just the right amount of complex without getting too heady.  Really enjoying this as you should be too.

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