Friday, May 3, 2013

Druk - Compostélion (2013)

Here's a promise for you, first five seconds of this and you'll be hooked.

Druk are an instrumental math rock band from Mexico.  Surprisingly a three piece for the amount of amazing noise these guys create. Lots of tight turns to be had here folks. Some honest to god hooky alt/post punk/metal tinged riffing from the the stellar guitar work. We can also talk the jazz/prog elements but theres no need to dissect any further as this will hit all of your pleasure centers. Seriously this one caught me on the jaw..wasn't at all prepared but I am loving every minute. Not to worry because these guys never stay in one place for two long. 

Something sounded cool 15 seconds ago? they bring it back 3 minutes later or mutate it a bit. 
Brilliance. Pure. Brilliance.
Highly Recommended