Friday, May 3, 2013

Brother Rutherford- Take Root (2013)

Sibling of no one, Brother Rutherford (also known as Ethan Johnstone, from Night Idea and Houdan the Mystic) just released an LP at the end of March. I do not know much about Brother Rutherford or if there are more albums or EPs by him, nor have I had time to check into his two bands, but I did not want to wait to share his music with everyone.

The music on Take Root is performed largely on acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, and Ethan produces some well written, dynamic songs with a relaxing, atmospheric vibe that still provides the musicianship and cohesion that demand your attention. His drums in particular provide the listener with a very strong sense of the intricate writing and performances that went into the album. I am excited that he shared his music with us, and my first listens to his other work have me raring to write up their own separate reviews.

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