Monday, August 5, 2013

Hank - Pinched (2013)

Lately the cram-jamming of punk aesthetics with math rock structures seems to be a "thing" that is gaining steam. However not all cats sleep the same on the window sill and that's why it's refreshing to hear Illinois' very own Hank taking a different angle. Yes, the aggressive guitars (and vocals) are there for your fist-pumping delight, but there is a "fun" angle that I am always looking for in the mood and playing of this type of music. Let's also not forget that we stay for the twists and turns via the prog/math elements. Besides conveying fun, the second important component that I'm always looking for is an honesty in the composition. Both are vague concepts, I understand that, but they remain extremely important for me in describing why I enjoy a group. This is an incredibly strong and diverse first effort for Hank and it's telling seeing them talked about in more than a few other math-centric publications.

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