Friday, August 9, 2013

The Speed of Sound in Seawater - First Contact (2013)

Alright, we've seen this pretty much everywhere by now, but as fans that have collected all their discography in physical CD form we feel it’s our obligation to at least say something about this.

             If you are familiar with Damien Verrett's work you probably realize that his storytelling skills are some of the best, and that is what really shines through here in this new LP. ("Speedwater" as we like to refer to them as) proves that they can set a mood and tone with their music and imagery that can put you into almost any setting. That said, for what it exceeds in lyrical content and story it pays in technicality. This is most likely the least technical out of all their work, an especially great step down from their previous release, "Underwater Tell Each Other Secrets". But, honestly, we can say that technicality won’t be missed too much here. You'll be way too wrapped up into the stories, catchy melodies, and trade-off vocals to care. We will say that this is much more leaning towards pop and we're unsure if we can really call it math in our sense of the word, but even so there is still a lot to fall in love with here. Whether it’s a quirky story about a man who wants to build a girlfriend, a boy with a childhood friend that’s a ghost, or a story about a young man and his shipmates scouting the high seas, there is something here for everyone.

"Written by your favorite math-rock review duo, Umbra and Jacuzzi"

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