Sunday, April 3, 2011

Max Tundra-Which Song

Just wanted to bump Acerolas post for Max Tundra, because i have been digging it so much. I cant believe these motherfuckers hid this shit from me for so long; this is so completely up my alley it is ridiculous. The styles and instruments that this dude assembles are so great; he has a keen eye for pop, but beneath his catchy melodies, the man is a serious programmer and knows how to create nostalgic electronica with fine detail.

I want to share track 3 from Parallax Error Beheads You for a few reasons; it demonstrates both his abilities in his production and his growth vocally. Throughout the song, the bouncy electronic band behind the vocals dives in and out of providing first bare chord structures behind the vocals to then harmonizing with them in very unexpected, mathematic arpeggios. I love how, throughout this album, songs move into extended instrumental sections that ride out or build into a fantastic chorus after a minute or two. In this example, the ending of the track happens to be the extended instrumental section, but the album is cut in a flow that sometimes makes it hard to differentiate one song from another. The track following Which Song picks up right where it leaves off.

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