Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum - In Glorious Times

Many of you unfamiliar with this very excellent "metal" band may read my description of them and be completely put off, I know I was before I had heard them. The best way to say it is at the base of it all is metal, this is really only a frame work. Everything they do is also theatrical but not in the way that your watching show tunes but in that it kicks ass. Bundled with them are many progressive elements such as time changes, art rock style guitar chords and home made instruments.   When I saw them play two years ago one of the members was playing a "sledge hammer dulcimer" which was made by him, extremely impressive.They are one of the most engaging acts I have ever seen.  Not to mention one of the nicest bands I have ever talked to. They have many excellent releases but I am showcasing "In Glorious Times" because of its overly progressive tendencies and more abrasive nature.  I cant see many not being very into these guys (and gal :)

In Glorious Times


  1. again, this is a band metaghost and our mutual friend mike showed to me years back, but just in individual tracks that i soon lost in the fray. but the best example of theatrical i can think of would have to be Queen. freddy mercury was such a mad scientist. a night at the opera is some of the most kick ass, ultimately theatrical music ever.

  2. I remember listening to these dudes a bit when I was heavy into Mr. Bungle. They have a lot of strong songs, but I guess I feel similarly about them as I do Secret Chiefs, that they lean a little more towards "curiosity" than "awesome band".