Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've known Starfucker for a few years, from a few singles and random times of remembering their name and finding youtube tracks of theirs. Again, before a recent trip to Newbury Comics, i was checking The Onion AV Club for music reviews and saw their name with a very good grade next to it, so i picked up Reptilians. Its nice electropop with a breezy, summertime dance party feel. They write tight little pop tracks with great vocals and intricate, interesting instrumentation. The first song of theirs that I remember was from their self titled album; the song went on to being used in a car commercial. Must have been pretty silly, being a band called Starfucker and having a big company want to use one of your songs. But who could deny the commercial wonder of this track; its simple beat, lovely vocals and polyrhythmic panned guitars and bass are just so damn smooth and tight.

There is a great variety of stuff on both of their releases; having just gotten into them, that makes it a bit harder to absorb it all, but i have been digging it all. Its very nice stuff.

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