Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tortoise - TNT

When this album dropped in front of my lap many years ago I remember the sort music mode I was in.  Just starting to realize the potential of genre's that I once thought "dead".  If there is one thing I have learned from listening to so much music through my life is that no genre is "dead".  But there was Jazz laid in front of me.  I could never break in no matter how hard I tried, that was until Tortoise.  Granted they do not travel specifically in straight Jazz it is certainly....... Jazzed up a bit with Electronic, dub and post rock elements.  This Chicago mega group had such a crazy streak of releases and then they drop TNT.  In my approximation they are at the height of the powers here, perfectly blending elements into something emotional, complex and most importantly fun.  A lot of Tortoise's miss hits as far as from an album stand point is missing the fun. I have Tortoise to thank for opening my eyes to the potential of jazz.


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