Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mouth to Mouth to Mouth - MTMTM EP

Wanted to take a second and highlight an excellent release from a group that is from Ithaca NY.  Mouth to Mouth to Mouth is relatively new on the scene. They have a very exciting blend of math rock that we at the swords know is king around here. Chock full of complex drums and sprightly guitars.  The addition of vocals is a very excellent touch for these guys and really adds an extra layer of depth.

Please if your in the area check these gents playing at the always fun Big Day In on May 7th presented by Ithaca Underground at the Haunt. There are tons of other awesome bands on the bill, do yourself a favor.


PS Sincerely L o v e  the handclaps boys. A quick and speedy way to my heart. (not to mention the breakdown after)

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  1. I wasn't super duper impressed by the opening track, especially since the vox are weak sauce. But track two has a much better vibe too it, and I actually prefer the vocalist yelling instead of trying to mumble-sing.