Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rapider Than Horsepower - Stage Fright Stage Fright/ This is My Big Night EP

A band without proper peers. I like where this is going already. Now in actuality Rapider than Horsepower spend their day jobs in the sludgy spazz core punk group Racebannon (  Worth a very long listen as well)  Somehow it turns out that they are also masquerading as a spazz indie pop group. Pretty inventive guitar licks if you ask me that split their time between trying to sound cute (and failing in an awesome way) or some sort of junior hardcore that also lacks proper bite. Vocally its very nasally but so all over the place its incredible. Lyrical content finds time to jump from dating caterpillars, having ice cream or ode's to boom boxes.  Somehow though it proves to be emotional as well which is impressive. This is just one of those things that you really cant pin down till you've spent some time with it, but i promise its not something that anyone should miss. These two EP's are some of the best the group has released.

Stage Fright Stage Fright EP

This is My Big Night EP

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